Balance aims to ensure everyone you interact with on the application is verified. Our promise is to create the safest and most secure community for you. This verification process also aligns us with the highest security standards of UAE's financial regulations.

For more information please see How do I verify my identity?

What do I need to verify my identity?
You will need to take a picture of a valid Emirates ID and a picture of your face (selfie).

How do I verify my identity on Balance?

  • When prompted to verify your identity, tap “Start”. You may also complete this action by tapping on “Complete your identity verification” on the Home screen.
  • Scan your Emirates ID: Place your Emirates ID on a flat surface and use your camera to scan the card.
  • Once the scan is successful, tap “Next”.
Please make sure:
  • You have taken a clear image of the front and back of your Emirates ID.
  • Your Emirates ID is valid and not expired.
  • Take a selfie. Hold your phone up to your face to capture a selfie. This is to ensure the Emirates ID scanned is the same person creating the account.
You may not use a picture of an image for this step. Once all steps are complete, you will be able to see the status of your identity verification on your Balance Home screen.

To ensure a smooth process, here are some tips:
  • Take a clear picture of the front and back of your valid identity document, ensuring every detail is readable.
  • Do not use flash.
  • Align your face to the frame provided and make sure you are the same person represented in the ID.

In order to successfully verify your identity, you will need:
  • Camera access enabled for Balance in your device settings.
  • Emirates ID information clearly visible in the pictures. No blurriness, glare, or direct light on the card. Remember to place your Emirates ID on a flat surface while scanning.

Only an Emirates ID can be used to create an account on Balance.

Balance uses various technologies including advanced encryption adopted by companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to ensure your data is secure. We work with our banking partners to follow the UAE government’s mandates for data security.

Yes, you may use both the old and new Emirates ID formats to verify your identity.

A user may only have one active account per Emirates ID. If the account is closed, you may open a new account using the same Emirates ID.

You cannot reopen a closed account.

A user may only have one active account per Emirates ID. The Emirates ID must match the user's account details for verification to be successfully completed.

The verification process should only take a few minutes. We appreciate your patience in following the identification process and uploading the necessary information.

If we need to manually review your identity, we will endeavor to complete the review in less than a day, but it may take up to a few working days to complete. You will see the status of your identity verification on your Balance Home Screen.

Reminder: you will not be able to transfer funds until you are verified.

Balance will notify you if your verification is successful or has failed via SMS and in-app notification. Your identity verification might fail due to the following reasons:

  • Pictures of your Emirates ID were blurry and we were unable to capture the identity details.
  • Your selfie was blurry, taken in bad lighting, or your face was not correctly placed within the frame.
Emirates ID picture:
  • Place your ID on a flat surface with a solid background (you can try using a white sheet of paper).
  • The images should not be cropped or damaged.
  • Do not hold your ID as your fingers may obstruct important information that needs to be captured.
  • Turn the flash off to avoid glare.
  • Take the photos in an area with bright lighting.
  • Do not take a picture of another ID picture.
  • Remove any eyeglasses.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and move ahead in a circle.
  • Ensure sufficient light to capture your features (avoid low lighting).

If you are still experiencing this issue after attempting all of the troubleshooting tips above, contact our support team available 24/7.

To facilitate the process, please be ready to provide the following information:
  • Document submission date and time.
  • Phone number.
  • Screenshot of identity verification failure.

Every user must complete the verification process to send or receive funds on Balance. This is how we ensure your money is always in safe hands.

Balance works with a regulated UAE financial institution to help keep your money safe.

We may suspend your account to protect you from suspicious activity or at the request of UAE regulatory authorities.

Can I verify my identity with both old and new Emirates ID formats?

Yes, you may use both the old and new Emirates ID formats to verify your identity.

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